On the MANDELA Wiki, we expect all users to behave in a calm, mature, and civil manner. As such, these rules must be followed.

Basic Rules

  1. No trolling. This includes behavior that is virtually indistinguishable from such.
  2. No spamming.
  3. This is not a roleplaying site.
  4. Treat all users with respect, members or not.
  5. Talking about other sites (i.e. the SCP Foundation, Wayward Society, RPC Authority) in an ill manner is forbidden, as well as user from those sites and the content within.
  6. Calling for mass brigades against other sites will always result in an instant permanent ban.
  7. Staff have the final say.
  8. All new members looking to join the site must read all of these rules thoroughly.
  9. Do not inentionally start drama.
  10. Shitposting in forums and flamebaiting is an offense.
  11. Doxxing or personally harassing other users will result in an instant permanent ban.
  12. The discussion of politics and other sensitive matters is generally discouraged. This includes foreign politics, gender politics, religious beliefs, and the status of other sites. However, it may be permitted if the discussion at hand is civil.
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