Iter in Fi Nite

Hello, and welcome to our website. Project MANDELA is the continuous effort deployed by the European Union in 2088 to explore, document, and learn from the various timelines of the human race scattered across the multiverse. Now with over 200 countries supporting our movement, we're stronger than ever. Our main goal is to be the leading hand in creating the infinate golden age our universe deserves.

Back in the year 2087, the late Francis DeJohn created the most innovative and revolutionary invention in the history of science: the BERNSTÆIN Transmitter. Using this grand machine, we are able to send anything we please to another universe. Using BERNSTÆIN, we are able to create a copy of itself on an alternate Earth, with that duplicate acting as a sort of "portal" to the different universe. The exact mechanics of the Transmitter still confuse us to this day; even Francis himself couldn't figure out how he was able to create it.

And that brings us to today. Now with 200 countries participating in our mission, we have been able to discover billions of alternate universes and improve our own using the technology, philosophies, and knowledge our variations have to offer. While not every universe is of use, or hospitable, that doesn't stop us from continuing our golden mission:

Travel Without End

Iter in Fi Nite


Project MANDELA's purpose is to travel throughout the multiverse, document the things they find, and use those things to improve their own society. Now with over 200 countries supporting them, they're the leading effort in innovation and survival.

The general idea of MANDELA is to create an infinite golden age using the others unspoken benefits our alternate societies have. Not to say that MANDELA deliberately invades, pillages, and trashes those multiverses: they'd rather keep low, in an effort to keep them as fruitful recourses.

Of course alternate universes aren't the only thing they document. They can document anything: from alternate societies, continents, wars, religions, people, diseases, objects, etc. If it plays a big hand in the alternate universe's world, it belongs in the MANDELA database.

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